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Why Is Main Street Important
  • Commercial districts are prominent employment centers. The commercial district is a reflection of community
  • Pride, prosperity, and a level of investment,critical factors in business
  • retention and recruitment efforts
  • Our Downtown represents a significant portion of the community’s tax base
  • If the district declines, property values drop, placing more of a tax burden on other parts of the community
  • The traditional commercial district is an ideal location for independent businesses, which in turn:
    • Keeps profits in town
    • Support local business, local families and community
    • Provide an extremely stable economic foundation, as opposed to a few large businesses and chains with not ties to stay in the community
  • Downtown Douglas is the historic core of the Douglas Community
  • Its buildings embody the community’s past and its visual identity
  • A historic commercial district is often a major tourist attraction
  • When people travel or shop, they want to see unique places—especially ones that offer a unique shopping experience
  • A vital Main Street area reduces sprawl
  • Concentrating retail in one area and using community resources wisely, such as infrastructure, tax dollars, and land
  • A healthy Main Street core protects property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods
  • The commercial district offers convenience. The district is usually a government center
  • Downtown Douglas is within walking distance of the Fairgrounds and residential areas, providing easy accessibility for the community
  • Main Street provides an important civic forum, where members of the community can congregate
  • Parades, special events, celebrations held there reinforce intangible sense of community
  • The commercial district represents a huge public and private investment
  • Imagine how much it would cost to re-create all of the buildings and public infrastructure that we currently have in our downtown.