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Impact of Recent Trends
Impact of Recent Trends on America’s Main Streets
The dramatic increase in the number of two-income households has made traditional downtown
9 to 5 shopping hours obsolete.

An entire generation of younger consumers has grown up shopping in malls; their expectations as
consumers have been shaped by this experience.

In the last decade, retail space in America has quadrupled, while retail sales have increased less
than 10%, taking a heavy toll on traditional commercial districts.

Past Projects
In recent years, many approaches to downtown revitalization, from urban renewal to paint-up,
fix-up projects, have failed because they focused on just one or two problems, rather than dealing
with the full spectrum of interrelated issues that affect traditional commercial districts.

Revive Main Street
The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street program offers an approach to downtown
revitalization that has been successful in more than a thousand towns and cities throughout the